Successful people are not born successful; they work hard at what they have mastered. They recognize their mental blocks and use them to overcome any obstacle in front of them for success.

The first step towards being an accomplished individual is knowing which beliefs hold you back from achieving your true potential.”

You become so used to your family and friends’ criticism that you start lowering yourself and blindly accepting the judgments of other people.

These are some of the mental blocks that you need to be aware of:

  1. When we feel like our limitations are holding us back, it’s important to remember that successful people tend to overestimate their abilities at first. But as studies show they eventually grow into meeting expectations if you have the courage and belief in yourself! Self-doubt is limiting your ability to take action; but don’t worry because those who succeed know what makes them different – which often goes beyond confidence or lack thereof–it’s about believing everything can be accomplished through hard work with support alongside great mentors such as yourself.”
  2. You are too stubborn to accept help from others, even though it would make your life easier.  Life is too short for all the hard work and knowledge that goes into doing things yourself- find someone who’s been there before you or ask questions on forums sites where people with experience can answer them quickly.
  3. Sometimes it’s easy to feel like you lack the necessary education. The percentage of highly successful people who failed to complete high school is staggering and while a lack of education can prevent them from becoming brain surgeons, they may already have all that’s needed for other endeavors.
  4. Take time for self-reflection. You might be giving your competition more credit than they deserve! Examine how you are doing against them–are there areas where their efforts could use an upgrade? Use that to your advantage and improve on their efforts, otherwise ignore these individuals and concentrate on your work.
  5. What if you think too many of your goals are impossible? The first step in achieving any goal is believing that we can do what needs to be done and this starts with looking at ourselves objectively and our capabilities.  Look at your goals – are they realistic?  Do you need to scale back a little?  You may have to accept the fact that it might take you longer to reach your goals and that’s okay.  Keep pursuing your goals and stay positive.  As you grow, you will gain more confidence.
  6. Do you think time and money are a problem?  They can be used as excuses for people who aren’t committed to their goals.  A lot of successful people were very poor and had to work multiple jobs just to eat. To be successful you need to find time to make this work.  Work with the money you have – It may take you longer to achieve your goals but the important thing is that you keep moving forward and don’t quit.

Everyone has some mental blocks.  Successful people are able to overcome them.  If you can improve your mental state your chances of success improve immensely.  Examine your life and see what mental blocks are stopping you from achieving success.  Once you know what they are, you can work on overcoming them.


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